Beatles Track-By-Track-Analyse

12.10.2009 Misc Music #Beatles

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Andy Baio von hat drei Ausgaben einer BBC6-Serie, die „She's Leaving Home“, „A Day in the Life“ and „Come Together“ von den Beatles Spur für Spur durchgeht und die Songs quasi anatomisch untersucht. Hier die Anatomie von „A Day in the Life“, vielleicht der beste Song, der jemals geschrieben wurde.

I stumbled on these three unidentified tracks [später kam ein Update: „It's a BBC Radio 6 program called Record Producers: The Extended Cut, hosted by Richard Allinson and Steve Levine, that aired last month“] that pick apart three of the Beatles' original multitrack masters, isolating and highlighting pieces from "She's Leaving Home," "A Day in the Life," and "Come Together." It's an astounding, and very listenable, glimpse into their recording process.

Audio Analysis of the Beatles Multitrack Masters