Neil Pardingtons Anatomy- und Wunderkammer-Fotografie

Ich habe mich grade eine ganze Weile durch Neil Pardingtons Fotografie-Portfolio geklickt, vor allem die Serien „The Vault“ und „The Clinic“ haben's mir angetan. In der einen fotografiert er Hinterzimmer in Museen oder Kuriositätensammlungen, in der anderen Operationssäle und Anatomie-Museen. Die anderen Sachen sind nett, vor allem „Loudspeaker“. Snip von seiner About-Seite:

In a somewhat reflexive manner, this series focuses on the places we store those things that are most precious to us, and conversely those very similar spaces we store the obsolete and unwanted. In the process of making the work I have visited archives, museums, art galleries, banks and libraries.

These interior images take their lead from an earlier series ‘The Clinic’, shot in hospitals throughout New Zealand. But where ‘The Clinic’ takes its strength from rooms redolent with the histories of the patients and staff who have passed through them, the heartbeat of these images is quite different.

The Clinic, The Vault (via The Vault)