Missilebase Living Room


Bruce Townsley lebt in einem ehemaligen Raketensilo in Texas, Wired hat jede Menge Fotos und Twonsley erzählt auch ein wenig vom Feng Shui der Raketenbasen.

Townsley’s living space is about 1,100 square feet and completely round. The room is essentially a concrete bubble suspended from the large column in its center.

When the site was an active missile base, this room “floated” on massive springs. This let the room move both up and down and side to side, which would absorb a bomb blast in the event that the Russians managed to get a shot off. Now Townsley has replaced some of the springs with poles so the room can only sway side to side.

Townsley wouldn’t trust his house with a nuclear blast these days, but it does just fine in strong Texas thunderstorms.

Every room in the structure revolves around the center pillar like a clock — kitchen, living room, office, bedroom — all separated by short partition walls built by Townsley.

Townsley has a clean aesthetic. His tastes in furnishings have a simple, feng-shui vibe. Clutter disturbs the chi when you live in a round, totally open room, he says.

Missile Silo Fixer-Upper Now Swanky Bachelor Pad (via Gizmodo)