Kinetic Steampunk Typography

(Youtube Direkttypo, via Motionographer)

Ich liebe diese Animation für die Association of Independent Commercial Producers. Kinetische Steampunk-Typografie in einem Typo-Studio der Verne-Brothers. Aaaaw! Kommt von Motion 504, hier in besserer Qualität.

Opening at the storefront of the fictional Verne Bros. Kinetic Type Company, the title ushers in a cinematic tone, as inside, we meet the elderly protagonist. At the crack of dawn, working fervently, the man opens the shop for business. While the operations of the shop remain a mystery, kinetic type gadgets curiously come to life. Jingling and rattling, the inconceivable gizmos introduce the names of each AICP reception sponsor, one by one.

Motion504's Main Title for AICP: 19th Century Typesetting with "Kinetic Type"