Soundsystems aus alten Möbeln

Inhabitat hat ein großartiges Posting über Mikal Hameed, der weggeschmissene Möbel zu Soundsystems recycelt. Ich bin ja auch immer für mehr Subwoofer in Bürosesseln, um Businesskaspern mit so ein bisschen Bass den Arsch ins Gehirn zu blasen. Könnte helfen beim weniger Rumbusinesskaspern, aber ich schweife ab. Snip:

Why have you chosen to work with reclaimed materials?

Mikal: I am working with these materials out of necessity. It is easier for me to use found objects for what I build because at the end of the day I am creating pretty expensive stuff. By using found objects I am still able to execute my vision and keep it cost effective. And, I feel like I am helping out at the same time; people are throwing this stuff away, and I am retrieving it and making it into something else. A lot of people out there think that if the chair is missing a button, it is ruined, and get rid of it. That’s where I come in.

Mikal Hameed Uses Trash to Make Music, Inspire Community (via Notcot)