Boilerplate: Buch zur fiktiven Geschichte eines Steampunk-Robots

(Youtube Direktrobot, via Clockworker)

Die Website zu Boilerplate, einem fiktiven Steampunk-Roboter von Künstler Paul Guinan, hatte ich hier schonmal irgendwann, jetzt ist ein Buch zur Website erschienen. Ziemliches Must-Have für alle, die was mit Robotern oder Steampunk oder beides anfangen können. Also für jeden, quasi. Oben der Trailer zum Buch, Snip von der Robotsite:

Boilerplate was a mechanical man developed by Professor Archibald Campion during the 1880s and unveiled at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.

Built in a small Chicago laboratory, Boilerplate was a prototype soldier for use in resolving the conflicts of nations. Although it was the only such prototype, Boilerplate was eventually able to exercise its proposed function by participating in several combat actions.

Boilerplate embarked on a series of expeditions to demonstrate its abilities, the most ambitious being a voyage to Antarctica. Boilerplate is one of history's great ironies, a technological milestone that remains largely unknown.

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