Stanley Kubrick-themed Art Show


In Dublin kann man seit heute bis zum 31. Oktober eine Ausstellung von Fotografien, Illustrationen und Gemälden rund um Kubrick und seine Filme ansehen. Snip von der Galerie-Website:

Taming Light is a group exhibition of new painting, photography and illustration paying tribute to one of the pre-eminent filmmakers of the 20th Century, Stanley Kubrick.

I work as a film critic and am a Kubrick devotee. I wanted to mark the tenth anniversary of Kubrick’s death in a way that didn’t involve sitting in the dark, watching the films again. I wanted to show how Kubrick’s images, and the eternal emotion behind them, remain a vibrant part of the visual landscape and act as a touchstone, inspiring a new generation of image-makers.

Kubrick Taming Light (via Superpunch)