Smiling is bad for the economy. Thinking is boring. Everything is OK.

(Youtube Direktokay, via Mutantpop)

Grandioses Video, super Projekt, erinnert alles ein bisschen an die Yes Men:

In einem Designstudio entstand zur US-Wahl 2006 ein Polizeit-Absperrband mit der Aufschrift „Everything is OK“. Daraus hat sich mittlerweile ein „Soziales Experiment in öffentlichem Raum mit Megafon“ entwickelt, so würde ich das mal nennen. Snip von ihrer Website:

Today, Everything is OK exists as a kind of social design experiment in subversive positivism. It explores the relationship between medium and message, challenges accepted modes of communication, and provides everyday citizens with tools for social commentary.

We read "Everything is OK" as both an affirmative phrase and a condemning indictment of mediocrity — a tension that is amplified when delivered through the cautionary medium of barricade tape. Once deployed, the message takes on additional layers of meaning as it becomes an interactive caption, modifying spaces, objects and events

Versteht man wohl am besten, wenn man die Sprüche im Video hört:

It's nice we have security personnel in a corporate zone, immitating public servants. Smiling is bad for the economy. Miserable people: shop more and stay as miserable as you can. Terrorism is just a word, it's a very clever word used to control you. Thinking is boring.

Our footage from our friends here filming will be downloaded by Al Quaeda who will then single all of you out and blow all of you up indivdually with an airliner. Everything is OK.