Noch mehr Zombie-Wissenschaft: Wo man einen Outbreak überlebt

Ich weiß ja nicht, warum sich in letzter Zeit ständig die Wissenschaft auf den (hoffentlich) fiktiven Zombie-Craze stürzt, aber jetzt gibt's schon wieder eine wissenschaftliche Untersuchung zum Thema: Wie lange überlebt jemand in welcher Umgebung, wenn er von „random Walkers“ gejagt wird. Nun sind „random Walkers“ nicht explizit Zombies, aber hey: Immerhin sind sie keine „random Runners“.

Physicist Davide Cassi at the Università di Parma in Italy looked at how long an entity hiding in a complex structure could survive if being pursued by predatory random walkers. Cassi's paper, recently published in the journal Physical Review E, is the first to describe a general principle of a prey’s likelihood to survive over time while hiding in an irregular structure.

Though the paper itself does not specifically refer to fleeing from zombies, it describes "the survival probability of immobile targets annihilated by random walkers." The conclusions suggest that the people trapped in a mall in "Dawn of the Dead" may be better off than the folks stuck in a farmhouse in "Night of the Living Dead."

Cassi found that the likelihood of survival when threatened by predatory random walkers is closely related to how complex the prey’s hideout is. The more twists and turns, the safer you'll be. In structures that are highly complex and irregular, the chances of the predator coming into contact with its target shrinks down to almost zero.

The Best Approach for Avoiding Zombies (via io9)

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