10 Jahre Spaced


„Spaced“, immer noch die Geek-Serie überhaupt, hat vergangenen Woche 10jähriges Jubiläum gefeiert. Ich hatte die Serie ja viel zu spät (beim Serienentdecken bin ich immer sehr spät) entdeckt, dann aber lieben gelernt und deshalb läuft jetzt auch meine 3 DVD Collectors-Edition heute den ganzen Tag im Loop. Hier die komplette erste Folge auf Youtube, Snip vom Guardian:

Channel 4 was pretty confident about Spaced even before it arrived on the small screen on 24 September 1999. "It establishes a world that you want to be a part of and you're on a winner if you get that right," said the programme's commissioning editor Cheryl Taylor. But then, the channel also had high hopes for something called Hewitt, about a bloke who works in a video shop starring stand-up Tommy Tiernan, so nothing was guaranteed.

But with Spaced, Wright, Pegg and his co-writer and co-star Jessica Hynes (née Stevenson) got it absolutely right, one of a new breed of comedies, even more than BBC1's The Royle Family, that eschewed traditional sitcom rules. "No laugh track, no studio audience, non-linear narrative, complete with visual and verbal references to a video library's worth of film and television classics," reported the Guardian.

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