Monty Pythons Killer Rabbit in real Life!


ZOMG! Wir werden alle sterben! Run for your Life! In Australien sind nicht einer sondern gleich zwei Killerhasen aufgetaucht, die (noch!) nur Schlangen meucheln, aber wetten, dass friedliche Ritter der Tafelrunde die nächsten sind? Und wie das dann aussieht, wissen wir ja:

(Youtube Direktrabbit)

A PAIR of rabid rabbits has been caught killing a series of snakes near Cairns.

For three weeks Armando Del Manso believed his dog was responsible for the dead snakes showing up with teeth marks all over them on his East Barron property’s lawn each morning.

But it turns out it was a pair of rampaging rabbits killing the snakes.

The 42-year-old boilermaker first made the discovery Tuesday night when he spotted the two wild rabbits attacking a king brown snake.

“The snake was raised up in the air in the striking position and the two rabbits worked their way around him and killed him in two minutes,” Mr Del Manso said.

“I’m gobsmacked, it’s absolutely incredible.

“We were watching from the veranda with a spotlight, and I thought, who is going to believe this, they’ll think I’m crazy.”

Killer rabbits attack snakes (via Arbroath)