Brainspotting: Trainspotting/28 Days later-Moviemashup

(Youtube Direkttrainspotting, via Minds Delight)

Youtube-User Whiskeytonsils hat 28 Days later mit Trainspotting gemasht. ZOMG! Dann noch der Infotext! Und auch wenn echte Zombies nicht rennen, bleibt mir nur ein kursives: Whoa!

Synopsis: Scottish zombies deal with addiction to eating brains.

Choose life. Choose cannibalism. Choose a great big machete, choose taxis, wheel wrenches and air raid sirens. Choose undeath, bloody vomitus, and no pulse. Choose a cozy catastrophe. Choose a fortified country manor. Choose a happy ending. Choose one last hit of juicy, juicy brains. Choose to run and wonder if survival is as good as it gets. Choose rotting away for 28 days, a shambling, smelly, shrieking twat. Choose your future. Choose life.