R2D2-Projektor mit 8 eingebauten Konsolen


Diesen R2 hatte ich eigentlich schon in den Links, hab ihn aber grade nochmal geschickt bekommen und der ist tatsächlich way to cool um da zu vergammeln. Brian De Vitis hat jedenfalls seine R2D2-Kühlbox in einen Projektor um- und nicht weniger als acht Konsolen eingebaut. Holy fuck!

To get rid of the mess of wires from his many videogame consoles, PopSci reader Brian De Vitis decided to repurpose his R2-D2-shaped cooler. The engineering student modified its legs and repainted it to look more realistic. Then he stacked the motherboards from the eight consoles on shelves inside, added a sound system, and rearranged the inputs so he could plug in controllers from the outside. To watch all the gaming action, he added a projector in the rig’s dome, just like the real R2’s.

Now This is the Droid We're Looking For (via Engadget, danke Yama!)