Jim Carroll R.I.P.

(Youtube Direktjim, via Laughing Squid)

Jim Carroll, der New Yorker Punk, Poet und Ex-Junkie, den die meisten von Euch wahrscheinlich aus dem 95er Film mit Leonardo DiCaprio „Jim Carroll – In den Straßen von New York“ kennen dürften, verstarb am Freitag in Manhattan an den Folgen eines Herzinfarkts, RIP.

Oben sein wohl bekanntester Song „People Who Died“ in einem Video zum Soundtrack des Films. Snip von der New York Times:

As a teenage basketball star in the 1960s at Trinity, an elite private school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Mr. Carroll led a chaotic life that combined sports, drugs and poetry. This highly unusual combination lent a lurid appeal to “The Basketball Diaries,” the journal he kept during high school and published in 1978, by which time his poetry had already won him a cult reputation as the new Bob Dylan.

“I met him in 1970, and already he was pretty much universally recognized as the best poet of his generation,” the singer Patti Smith said in a telephone interview on Sunday. “The work was sophisticated and elegant. He had beauty.”

The diaries began, innocently: “Today was my first Biddy League game and my first day in any organized basketball league. I’m enthused about life due to this exciting event.”

By the end of the book, Mr. Carroll was a heroin addict who supported his habit by hustling in Times Square. “Totally zonked, and all the dope scraped or sniffed clean from the tiny cellophane bags,” the final entry read, continuing, “I can see the Cloisters with its million in medieval art out the bedroom window. I got to go in and puke. I just want to be pure.”

Jim Carroll, Poet and Punk Rocker, Is Dead at 60