Interview mit Robert Kirkman über die Walking Dead-Serie

Comic Book Review hat ein Interview mit Walking Dead-Schöpfer Robert Kirkman über die kommende Serienverfilmung des Stoffes (Ich kann immer noch gar nicht glauben, dass das tatsächlich passieren wird). Frank Darabont will unbedingt Rick spielen und Kirkman Shane (Ricks bester Freund, der nicht lange überlebt in der Serie, wobei ich denke, dass das ein Scherz bleibt) und redet über Darabonts „Der Nebel“, den ich absolut hervorragend fand und von dem ich weiß, dass den wegen der trashigen Effekte nicht viele Leute mögen, aber der Film hat eine fantastische Charakterzeichnung und -entwicklung und genau das ist es, was eine Verfilmung von „The Walking Dead“ braucht.

Wie auch immer, Snip aus dem Interview:

How did Frank Darabont get involved in the show?

He got involved a long time ago when the show almost happened at NBC. I didn't really talk about it at the time because everything was very up in the air and I don't really like to announce things that may or may not ever happen. "Oh, there's an option on this thing and it's coming to whatever," then nothing comes up. So we didn't make any public announcements about that, but Frank came on board and was going to write and direct the pilot then, and that didn't end up happening. But he kind of stayed on the sidelines and said, "Hey, if this ever happens, let me know. Let's do this." He's been working to put it together for a good, long time.

I've known Frank for a while at this point and he likes the book and has read every single issue. I quiz him from time to time just to make sure he's staying current! He digs the comic for what it is – he doesn't think it's an action thing, he doesn't think it's a gory horror thing. When working with different Hollywood people who have tried to develop "Walking Dead" in the past, I've been kind of shocked at how easy it is to not get "The Walking Dead." Frank has really got it. I think it's in good hands.

Is there anything you would point out in his film work that makes him an obvious fit for "The Walking Dead?"

Aside from "The Shawshank Redemption" and "The Green Mile," and everything else he's ever done, I think a really good indication that he's going to handle the series really well is his recent movie, "The Mist." A lot of people don't realize that Frank is a genre guy – he wrote "The Blob," he wrote "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3." He got his start doing horror stuff and he's a huge horror and sci-fi fan. He's been going to Comic-Con every year just for fun, whether he's putting a movie out or not. He kind of lives this stuff. If you watch "The Mist," you'll see that he can do the character development – he's an excellent writer – but "The Mist" is a big indication that he knows how to handle the subject matter.

How involved is Frank Darabont going to be with the series beyond the pilot?

I would be surprised if he doesn't end up playing Rick! That's how involved he wants to be! [laughs] I don't know what his actual title is going to be, but the idea is that once he's written and directed the pilot, he doesn't really want to walk away and let someone else handle it because he likes the material so much. It's very early on in the process right now, but as I understand it, he'll be playing Rick and I'll be playing Shane and it's really going to be little more than a two-man play.

Kirkman Talks "Walking Dead" TV (Danke Christoph!)