Experimentelle Animationen zeigen 4-dimensionale Fraktale und 30.000 Volt

(Vimeo Direktgestalt, via MeFi)

Hier Thorsten Fleischs experimentelle Animation „Gestalt“ von 2003, die er kürzlich bei Vimeo hochgeladen hat, in der vierdimensionale Fraktale in einen dreidimensionalen Raum projeziert werden. Oder sowas. Snip von der Website zum Film:

four-dimensional quaternions (fractals) are visualized by projecting them into three-dimensional space. instead of modeling objects of human imagination the realm of mathematics is explored. only the variables of one formula (x[n+1]=x[n]^p-c) were changed. it took me about a year to get an idea of the transformations and shapes which could be expressed by this formula. almost another year was needed to render the sequences which I decided to use.

Auch schön: Für „Energie!“ hat er 30.000 Volt durch Fotopapier gejagt.

(Vimeo DirektEnergie!)

from a mere technical point of view the tv/video screen comes alive by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode ray tube. for 'energie!' an uncontrolled high voltage discharge of 30.000 volts exposes multiple sheets of photographic paper which are then arranged in time to create new visual systems of electron organization. even though the result is abstract it tells a universal story older than the world itself.