Moonbell: Musik aus Topografie-Daten des Monds


Der japanische Satellit Kaguya hat den Mond abfotografiert und daraus Topografie-Daten erstellt, mit denen jetzt ein Tool programmiert wurde, das aus diesen Daten lustige Topo-Musik macht. Wortwörtliche Mondmusik, quasi. Snip von der About-Seite:

moonbell : listening to the topography of the moon.

Lunar orbiting satellite Kaguya (SELENE) was launched from Tanegashima Space Center on September 14, 2007 at 10:31am. Kaguya is currently orbiting the moon, taking observations of the lunar surface with 14 different sensors. moonbell uses data from one of those sensors, a laser altimeter, or LALT, transforming the altitude data into musical intervals.

moonbell has two playback modes, [Orbit Play] and [Free Scratch].
Additionally, you can watch the sound displayed as color patterns with the [Graphic Screen] function.

Orbit Play Mode
In this mode, the sound follows the topography along the satellite's orbital path.
The display shows the orbital path Kaguya flew along as it took measurements of the lunar surface, an altitude graph of the topography in cross-section, and a musical notation map.

Free Scratch Mode
In this mode you can draw a line anywhere on the moon's surface and listen to the sound it produces. Just like dropping a needle onto an LP, you can rotate the moon and draw anywhere you like.

Moonbell (Java App) (via Pink Tentacle)