Human Anatomy Robot

Dieser Roboter wurde nach dem Vorbild der menschlichen Anatomie gebaut mit Knochen aus Plastik und Sehnen aus Schnüren. Auf New Scientist gibt's noch ein (wenig spektakuläres) Video dazu, aber die Idee is creepy as hell!

Conventional humanoid robots may look human, but the workings under their synthetic skins are radically different from our anatomy. A team with members across five European countries says this makes it difficult to build robots able to move like we do.

Their project, the Eccerobot, has been designed to duplicate the way human bones, muscles and tendons work and are linked together. The plastic bones copy biological shapes and are moved by kite-line that is tough like tendons, while elastic cords mimic the bounce of muscle.

Robot with bones moves like you do (via Make)