Eine Decke aus Käfern im königlichen Palast in Brüssel

Künstler Jan Fabre hat die Decke im königlichen Palast in Brüssel mit 1,6 Millionen Käfern beklebt. Wie man sich denken kann, finde ich das Ergebnis höchst ansprechend, aber ich muss da ja auch nicht wohnen.

Yep, beetles, 1.6 million of them. Or Buprestidae to be precise; a family of the insect which are more commonly known as Jewel Beetles.

This incredible ceiling art - known as Heaven Of Delight - can be found at the Royal Palace in Brussels and was the brainchild of controversial Flemish artist Jan Fabre, a man renowned for working with strange media including blood, sperm and all manner of insects. Apparently it took Fabre's team of around 30 people 4 months just to glue the beetle shells to the ceiling.

A Ceiling Made From What?! (via Make)