Real Life Ferris Buellers Nachruf an John Hughes

Edward McNally, der das Vorbild im echten Leben für Ferris Bueller war, erinnert sich in der Washington Post an John Hughes und die Rolle von „Ferris macht blau“ in seinem Leben. Selbst den Ausflug mit dem Ferrari hat es tatsächlich gegeben, in einem lila Cadillac El Dorado. Der echte Ferris brachte es übrigens im Gegensatz zum Film-Ferris auf 27 Fehltage (Ferris Bueller: 9). Ich hatte 169, als man mich von der Schule schmiß. Who's your Ferris?


Movie director John Hughes and I grew up on the same street in our home town of Northbrook, Ill. We both graduated from Glenbrook North, the high school where he filmed scenes from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "The Breakfast Club," where his mom worked and two sets of our sisters were classmates. Because for years I was relentlessly pursued by a remarkably humorless Glenbrook dean about attendance, pranks and off-campus excursions -- and because my best friend was in fact named Buehler -- I've spent an inordinate amount of my life being unfairly accused of serving among the inspirations for Ferris Bueller. [...]

For one of those Chicago adventures, we secretly borrowed a car almost as ridiculously conspicuous as the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT in the movie: my dad's purple Cadillac El Dorado (yes, purple). Put an extra 113 miles on the odometer. Hoping to erase that telltale mileage, we raised the back on a pair of jacks and ran the car in reverse. The Caddy did not fly backward into a ravine, as in the film. What it did do is quickly take off a clean 10,000 miles. Oops. (Yes, you bet he noticed.)

Whether or not we inspired Ferris, there's no doubt his Day Off in 1986 left a lasting legacy for me and many others. [...] Hughes had Ferris talk directly to the camera. To us. He says, deal with your fear. Believe in yourself. Make sick days count. And: Do you realize that if we played by the rules, right now we'd be in gym?

A Mirror Up To the Original Ferris Bueller (via Kottke)