I spit on your Rave: Zombie-Festival-Mockumentary mit IT-Crowds Richmond

Hell, yeah! Eine Zombie-Mockumentary nach dem Outbreak und nach dem nur noch wenige Menschen zum Lunch übrig sind. Und die werden spektakulär auf einem Festival verheizt. Von niemand anderes als dem Zombie-King, Richmond aus der IT-Crowd!

It's 2018 - six years after a virus was released at the 2012 Olympics. Zombies dominate the earth and humankind has been mauled, torn and eaten to extinction.

The problem is there's not a lot to do now that there are no humans left to rip apart... cue the first post-apocalyptic music festival curated by the undead.

Film4 and Warp Films bring you I Spit On Your Rave, a mockumentary by director Chris Boyle about the first post-apocalypse zombie music festival.

Filming took place at the Big Chill Festival 2009 where thousands of zombie-costumed ticket holders joined the cast, and enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the "Most Amount of Zombies Captured on Camera". It was a big moment, and we documented the shoot on Flickr and YouTube.

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