Constructed Family Portraits

Jamie Diamond schnappt sich wildfremde Menschen von der Straße und schießt mit denen konstruierte Familienportraits, die auf eine sehr subtile Weise extrem strange sind. Sehr schön!

It all began with my own family portrait. Somehow the image it portrayed didn’t feel right; that behind all the static smiles and handholding hid a little secret. By taking the portrait out of the frame and off the nightstand, out of its familiar context and blown up to human scale, the cracks became all the more evident and the awkwardness overwhelming. Subsequently through online ads, sidewalk soliciting and favors from friends I began constructing families out of unrelated strangers, working around the premise that no two members of the family should have any prior associations with each other. Shot in hotel rooms rented for the occasion, the result is a permanent visual record of a family that never really existed.

Constructed Family Portraits (via Dangerous Minds)