Halbnackte Slaughter-Bunnies protestieren für Tierrechte in St. Petersburg


Tierschutzaktivisten haben halbnackt auf den Straßen von St. Petersburg gegen ein neues Jagdgesetz protestiert, indem sie sich mit einer Menge Kunstblut auf dem Asphalt abschlachten ließen. Metaphorisch, natürlich. Now, these are some Suicide Girls.

Downtown St.-Petersburg. A man dressed in a camouflage hunter uniform fusilladed half-naked people wearing animal masks. People were moaning and whining and begging to save them, but the hunter had no sympathy for dying creatures, and after slaughtering each of the “animals” and feeling that our duty has been done, he made his getaway in a rush. That performance was organized by activists from Alliance for Animal Rights, who were speaking and acting out against the new hunting law.

Slaughter in St.Petersburg