Bible-inspired Sex-Toys

04.08.2009 Misc #Religion #Sex

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Das musste ja irgendwann kommen. Luxus-Sextoys, inspiriert vom 1. Buch Mose der Bibel. Am ersten Tag erschuf Gott die Energiesparlampe in Form eines Kerzendildos. War doch klar.


Inspired by the theory that God created the world in seven days, this collection includes seven deadly sins that will break the shackles of missionary and treat you to untold ecstasies. For each day of the week you can assign your special erotica and play God yourself.

On the first day God created light.

Dildo, hot wax candle made with white beeswax and silver base. Beeswax symbolizes the virgin flesh of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Candles: white beeswax. Base: polished solid silver.

Genesis of Love Making (via MeFi)