OMG! Zombie-Beatles – The Book!


ZOMGOMFG Jesus Zombie Christ in a chicken basket! Alan Goldsher hat ein Buch namens „Paul is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion“ geschrieben und darin OMFG! zombifizieren die Beatles die Welt! ZOMG! Dagegen ist Pride and Prejudice mit Zombies für Mädchen, weg mit viktorianischen Romantik-Zombies, here's the Fab Four from the Dead! OMFUCKINGG!

Das hat Nerdcore in großen goldenen Buchstaben quer über den Einband geschrieben, das schreit gradezu meinen Namen. Als hätte Alan Goldsher dieses Buch alleine für mich geschrieben, Zombie-Beatles FTW! Und ja, ich bin grade genau so begeistert, wie es sich anhört und wenn ich hier fertiggetippt habe, springe ich 'ne Runde durch die Wohnung. ZOMFG! Zombie-Beatles – The Book! ZOMG! ZOMG! ZOMG!

Bild oben von mir, hier der Plot:

Our story begins on 9 October 1840, in Liverpool, England. An African nzambi hides in the town's newly-built sewer system, only to reemerge exactly one century later at the Liverpool Maternity Hospital, in the room of Julia Lennon. The hungry nzambi takes a chomp from Julia's newborn's neck, and John Lennon is undead, a zombie with otherworldly powers, who will roam the Earth for eternity.

In 1957, John, now a burgeoning singer and guitarist, meets Paul McCartney, a Liverpudlian with musical dreams of his own. Sensing a kindred spirit, John bites off Paul's ear and sucks out his mate's grey matter, after which he spits a healthy amount of his own brain into Paul's carotid artery—and thus is born the greatest songwriting team in rock history. John and Paul zombify local guitarist George Harrison, then welcome seventh level Ninja Lord Ringo Starr into the fold.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Beatles.

The lovable moptops murder then reanimate thousands of fans at the Cavern Club, simultaneously enslaving hundreds of lusty teenage girls. They invade the United States, mind-melding millions during an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. They engage in an epic battle with rival band and notorious zombie hunters the Rolling Stones. They release album after album with hidden messages: Please please me by biting your young… Dear sir or madam, won't you eat your neighbor… All you need is eternal life…

And before you know it, zombies are fookin' everywhere.

Alan Goldsher's Paul is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion sells to Pocket, The Beatles flesh out zombie mash-up craze (Story beim Guardian) (via

Zur Feier des Tages hier die alten Videos „A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead“, dessen Musikvideoversion der Zombeatles, ebenfalls mit „A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead“ und zwei Trailer von deren „forthcoming film chronicling the rise and fall of
The Fab Gore“.

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