500 Pencils


Die japanische Designagentur Felissimo bringen 500 Buntstifte in so wunderbaren Farben wie Orange Glace, Secret Past, Mud Walls of Kanazawa oder Sunny Brook. Die Stifte kommen in einem Abonnement über 20 Monate, jeden einzelnen gibt's 25 verschiedene in ähnlichen Farbnuancen. Love this!

Japanese design house, Felissimo’s 500 Colored Pencils is a set so vast and precise that it is itself a work of art. Like an atomic breakdown of the color spectrum, the group consists of 500 pencils, each crafted with serene specificity so that no hue has gone uncaptured. Upon ordering on a subscription basis, the pencils begin to arrive in an assortment of 25 similar hues. Over the 19 months that follow, the collection evolves slowly and intentionally into a rainbow’s array of possibility.

500 Colored Pencils, Projekt-Website (via Notcot)