1985 Graffiti-Doku feat. Goldie und Massive Attacks 3D

1985er Channel 4-Doku „Bombin'“, in der ein Künstler namens Brim durch UK tourt und Goldie und Massive Attacks 3D trifft. Hier ein Piece von damals, das nicht in der Doku auftaucht, dafür aber ein Massive Attack-Tag enthält.


Back in 1985, Channel 4 commisioned a documentary about graffiti called 'Bombin'.
The programme featured an artist called Brim Fuentes who was also a member of the bronx hip hop collective The Universal Zulu Nation who were lead by none other that Afrika Bambaataa.

The documentary also featured Goldie and 3D (Robert del Naja), who went on to form Massive Attack. As part of Brim's visit, he came to Bristol and painted this piece on the back of the Malcolm X centre in St Pauls.

The Balogun, I think maybe a reference to a infamous St Pauls councillor, whose first name I can't remember but surname was Balogun. If you look carefully, you'll see the quick Massive Attack 'throw up' which may have been painted by 3D himself (I'm not sure as this piece was not featured in the documentary).