Legalized Pot-Packaging-Design

Das Printmag hat vier Designagenturen gefragt, wie das Packaging-Design von legalisiertem Marijuana aussehen könnte. Hier die Lösung von The Heads of State: True to the Street.


The brief was simple: What would a legal pack of marijuana cigarettes look like? [...]

OUR DIRECTION is essentially about preserving the spirit of buying pot illegally. The rituals and customs of scoring a bag of weed are so ingrained in pop culture that to ignore them simply because marijuana is legal seems to do a disservice
to decades-old pot culture. The brand is built around a sticker system. We used the Akzidenz family for the type
and wanted it to have a slightly under-designed feel to it, something nicely done but not too slick or mass-market. Finding the perfect bag was tricky, but we ended up with a bag that’s 3" x 4.5."

Building a Better Baggie (via core77)