Zensur-Bookmarklet für Hobby-Zensoren


Das Free Art and Technology Lab hat ein Bookmarklet gecoded, das mit einem Klick ganze Websites zensiert und jeden Text und alle Bilder hinter schwarzen Zensurbalken versteckt. Das da oben ist NC hinter Zensurbalken, Screenshots von Euren zensierten Blogs gerne in die Kommentare.

With recent mistakes by companies and organizations not knowing how to properly censor online documents, its easy to see why people believe the text they can’t see can’t be read. And with computer illiterate people like Rush Limbaugh [Zensursula, Guttenberg, you name them], it is easy to befuddle them with the apperance of censored text on the web pages they commonly visit.

A playful experiment in “censoring” a web page by hiding text and images behind blocks.

Ctrl+F’d, censoring the interwebs (via Waxy)