Guerilla Science: Wissenschaft auf Musik-Festivals

28.07.2009 Misc Music Science
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Das hier ist doch genau, was man als Festivalbesucher nach einem Gig von Oasis oder Interpol braucht: Eine kleine Lektion in neurowissenschaftlichen Auswirkungen von Musik oder ein Blick durch ein Teleskop auf die Monde des Jupiter. Genau das macht eine Gruppe von Wissenschaftlern jetzt in England, gehen auf Musikfestivals und halten dort Vorträge. Science meets Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll... I'm so sold!

Guerilla Science brings unconventional forms of science entertainment to music festivals. An independent organisation founded by Oxford chemistry graduate Richard Bowdler in 2007, it puts on science-themed talks, live experiments, installations, art, films and performances at music festivals across the UK.

In their own words: "We want you to taste a brain made of cake, spy the moons of Jupiter, dance to fractals, hunt for the Higgs, and ponder how utterly astounding it is that you are reading these words at all."

As well as the aforementioned lecture on astrophysics, their 2009 festival science tent will overflow with a wide range of performances and workshops. Speakers include particle physicists working with the Large Hadron Collider, author Dr Jamie Ward, an expert on synaesthesia and the entwining of the senses, and acclaimed comedian Helen Keen with her one-woman show about the history of rockets.

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