Candy Changs Bordstein-Psychatrie und Charlie Brown-Dance-Flyer


Candy Chang hat sowieso ein hervorragendes Portfolio (nicht so sehr aus Eyecandy-Sicht, sondern aus richtigen Gestaltungsdingens heraus), aber ich liebe vor allem ihre Bordstein-Psychatrie (Bild oben, „Sidewalk Psychiatry encourages self-evaluation in transit by posing critical questions on the pavements of New York City. Now your daily ponderings and emotional problems can be prodded and treated on the go - and, best of all, it's free of charge!“).

Und der Charlie Brown-Dance-Flyer ist ganz abartig großartig. Leider habe ich da keine größeren Bilder gefunden:


To celebrate the holiday season at Red Antenna, Candy designed this card that provides instructions for the festive dance moves from the classic TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas. The 16 x 5" accordion card folds out to reveal the measured-out dance steps of the girl on one side and the boy on the other. Footwork included!

Candy Chang (via Accidental Mysteries)