Stephen Fry über die Geschichte des Copyright

Hier der großartige, grade in seinem Podcast veröffentlichte Vortrag von „Novelist, Actor, Comedian, Stephen Fry, King of Twitter, Prince of Swimwear, Lord of the Dance,“ Stephen Fry über die Geschichte des Copyright. Eine großartige, superunterhaltsame Stunde vom iTunes-Festival. Snip von einem BBC-Artikel:

After outlining the history of copyright, he went on to say that, in the entertainment industry's pursuit of the file-sharers, he suspects "that my business - the film business, the television business, the music business - is doing the wrong thing".

He described what he called the aggressive prosecution around the world of those who illegally download. It did no good, said Fry, to label these people as criminals.

He mocked "those preposterous" commercials on DVDs telling audiences "you wouldn't steal a handbag". He said he wanted to ask whether people in his industry are "so blind... as to think that someone who bit-torrents an episode of 24 is the same as someone who steals somebody's handbag".

There was more, much more.

Series 2 Episode 4, iTunes Live Festival (MP3, Duration: 51m 46s, Size: 24MB, Link zum Podcast auf Frys Website, BBC-Artikel: Stephen Fry on copyright (via Reddit)