Sex nach der Geisterjagd: Keine gute Idee (seriously!)

22.07.2009 Misc #Ghosts #Sex

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Ich habe mir neulich das Ghostbusters-Game gekauft und es ist nicht so super, ziemlich repetitiv und ich hatte nach den Game-Sessions eher keine Lust aus Sex, leider. Das hier ist mit Sicherheit kein Viral für das Game, sondern wahrscheinlich eine ernstgemeinte Ansage von („echten“) Geisterjägern, die Sex nach der Jagd auf Geister für eine schlechte Idee halten.

A number of things contribute to a decline in sex drive after you see witness or become frightened by a real ghost. Paranormal Investigation is really physically exhausting and highly emotional process, so it's only natural that your body will need some time to recover! In addition, your hormone levels change significantly after a ghost encounters, and of course you will also need time to adjust to your understanding of what just occurred. It's only natural to overlook sex for days or more likely weeks, after you have seen or encountered a real ghost.

Some of the reasons you may not feel like, or enjoy normal sex include:

- Tiredness and feelings of general emotional or psychic discomfort
- Fear that a ghost my try to possess you at the moment of climax- this can sometimes take months to subside
- Feeling that the ghost has followed you home and is watching you!
- Anxiety about a ghost entering your womb or anus if you are a man (please also see: WOMB GHOST) The Ghost in Your Womb: The Phenomenon of False Pregnancy
- Distractions, such as strange sounds and things moving in shadows, a ghost fright
- Fear of getting pregnant - and having the ghost possess your unborn baby.
- In Men the fear that you may have brought home a ghost that might haunt their anus, or infect their partner

„In Men the fear that you may have brought home a ghost that might haunt their anus“. Geister befallen also Arschlöcher. Interessant.

Sex after ghost hunting - exorcisms of a womb or anal ghosts: And when is the right time to have sex afterwards? (via Dead Lantern)