Star Wars Uncut jetzt für noch mehr Amateur-Filmer

Casey Pugh hat sein DIY-Star Wars-Filmprojekt „Star Wars Uncut“ für mehrere Teilnehmer geöffnet, pro Szene können sich jetzt mehrere Leute melden, die beste Szene wird dann von den Leuten per Abstimmung bestimmt. Wenn Ihr also zu spät kamt und alle Szenen bereits weg waren: This is you chance. (Aber ich war immer noch Erster!)

Star Wars: Uncut has been opened up to more people! Now is your chance to participate if you missed it before.

The new version of the site will work in “rounds”. Right now, all the scenes are free again for taking, but once they are all grabbed the scenes will be released again to start round three. This method will keep an even distribution of scenes so people aren’t favoring any specific ones.

Since there will be multiple versions of each scene, people will be able to vote on each version by using Vimeo’s Like button located on the top right corner of the video player. I’m still working on displaying total number of Likes per video.

Star Wars Uncut