Eclectic Methods Back To The Future-Mash

(Vimeo DirektFuture, via Eclectic Method)

Die Über-Masher Eclectic Method haben sich in ihrem neuesten Video „Back to the Future“ angenommen und das ist leider nicht mehr als nett geworden, gemessen an ihrem vorangegangenen Output und erst recht, wenn sie dieses Video als ihr bisher aufwändigstes bezeichnen.

‘Back to the Back to the Future’ is Eclectic Method’s most time-consuming remix video to date as they transition to incorporating more narrative themes in their work. “Our editing process mostly revolves around collecting many, many audio/video samples,” says Jonny Wilson, one of the New York-based members of the group. “We then work with them much in the same way a composer might compose with a sampler, but we are always keeping in mind the video element.” Similar to the style of ‘The Tarantino Mixtape,’ Eclectic Method incorporates Back to the Future’s iconic images with its equally popular soundtrack packed with ‘80s powerhouse Huey Lewis and the News and the film’s timeless orchestrated theme song–all on top of a solid base beat, of course.

Und das beste aller Back To The Future-Videos schlägt es erst recht nicht, hier nochmal der goldene (!) DeLorean ohne Flux-Kompensator.

(Youtube Direktflux)

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