Der glühende, blutende, bewegliche Augapfel-Türspion


Holy Crap! Victor Konovalov hat einen Türspion (als Teil einer Gegensprechanlage – inklusive Van Goghs Ohr als Lautsprecher) gebaut, der wie ein blutendes Auge aussieht. Ein blutendes Auge, das in bunten Farben leuchtet. Ein blutendes Auge, das in bunten Farben leuchtet und sich bewegt! Want!

Intercom by Konovalov is made to surprise. On the external side welcomes visitors found rarity - Eye of famous commander Kutuzov. On the inside - was found the ear of Van Gogh. What could be more valuable:) intercom is fully functional, the eye - the camera, the ear - the speaker. In the dark eyes shone a different light depending on the mood of the owners (the color is easy to set). Red pulsating means irritation and reluctance to accept guests, green wash - a very positive mood.

Kutuzovs Eye (via Street Anatomy)