Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers (Soulwax-Remix) plus 2manyDeejays BBC6-DJ-Set

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(Youtube Direktbonkers, via Testspiel)

Hier der Soulwax-Remix von Dizzee Rascals „Bonkers“. Die beiden spielen übrigens heute um 21 Uhr (also 20 Uhr bei uns) einen zweistündigen Chicago Jackhouse-Mix.

Belgian DJ duo 2ManyDJs present the first edition of their 6 Mix residency, mixing an eclectic selection of tunes with their trademark offbeat humour.

In their first show, the duo - AKA brothers David and Stephen Dewaele - present a 'Back To Chicago' mix, inviting you to 'jack your bodies' to an old-skool acid house set inspired by Roland and Korg synthesizers.

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