Who Stole Superman: 60 Minutes über Filmpiraten von 1979

(Dailymotion Direktpiracy, via Gizmodo)

(Dailymotion Direkt1979)

Hach. 60 Minutes über Filmpiraten im Jahr 1979 und dann noch der Showtitel: Who Stole Superman. Sweet. Ich habe ja damals bei einem Treffen von Genesis Project (C64 Crackergruppe) Ghostbusters 2 gesehen, ein halbes Jahr vor Kinostart in einer derbe schlecht kopierten VHS-Version. Aber hey, es war Ghostbusters, ein halbes Jahr vor Kinostart.

As you will see in the following hard-hitting 60 Minutes report on the state of video piracy in 1979, insiders with access to films were able to command as much as $1000 ($3,308 with inflation) for masters that were later copied and sold by resellers for between $50 and $500 a pop ($155 to $1654 with inflation). Apparently the novelty of watching a movie in your home was enough to justify the expense at a time when a movie ticket cost $3 or less.