Original Ghostbusters Ectomobile auf Ebay


Heute kam mein Ghostbusters-Game (und das Buch „Say everything – How Blogging began, what it's becoming and why it matters“ von Scott Rosenberg), das Wochenende ist also gerettet. Die Auktion für das obige Original Ectomobile auf Ebay ist schon zu Ende, das Ding ging für nur $45100 über den Tisch. Viel zu wenig für einen 1959er Ghostbusters-Cadillac.

There is not a lot that can be said about this car once you see it you know what it is. This car was owned by Universal Studios as you can see by the copy of the title. This is the real Universal car not a copy. The car runs and drives good it has new tires on it know.

Original Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Car on eBay (via Laughing Squid)