Wooster Collective-Vortrag über Streetart

11.07.2009 Misc #Streetart

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(BlipTV Direktstreetart)

Hier ein sehr schöner Vortrag Marc und Sara Schiller aka Wooster Collective, in dem sie erzählen, wie das alles anfing und was an Streetart so faszinierend ist.

At PSFK Conference NYC Marc and Sara Schiller from Wooster Collective and Meet at the Apartment gave a rousing talk about their love of street art. They began by explaining how, at first, they simply began noticing and photographing art in their immediate neighborhood. Then, after posting thousands of photos on a website they shared with friends, traffic boomed, and Wooster Collective was born. Marc and Sara go on to speak about different aspects of their nine year involvement as web-currators of the world-wide street art scene, and share a slide show packed with amazing pieces.

Video: PSFK Conference NYC: City As Canvas (via Notcot)