Trekkie-Convention in Vulcan, Kanada

(Youtube Direktvulcan)

Das Bizzare-Mag hat 40 stellenweise sehr schöne Bilder von einer Star Trek-Convention in Vulcan, Kanada. Über das Kaff hatte ich Anfang des Jahres schonmal auf Spreeblick gebloggt, oben nochmal das Video. Snip von Bizarremag:

Founded in 1915, the town was named after Roman God of Fire, and it wasn’t until the 1960s that this serendipitous christening spawned a unique notoriety.

‘The local folklore is that after the broadcast of Star Trek, our town’s sports teams began to get teased about the size of their ears,’ explains Dayna Dickens at the Vulcan Tourism office, known as the Trek Station. ‘Faster than a phaser blast, people started to come to Vulcan to have their picture taking doing the Live Long and Prosper sign.’

In 1993, the town hosted VulCON: Spock Days/Galaxyfest, its first of what would become annual, community-wide Star Trek conventions. The sci-fi floodgates burst open and just two years later, Vulcan built the Starship FX6-1995-A, a colossus five-tonne statue based on the Enterprise from the TV show that proudly sits on the highway.

Star Trek Con – The tiny town of Vulcan, Alberta hosts its annual Star Trek Convention. Party photo gallery and tons of pictures! (dort auf das Bild klicken für die Galerie, via Cakehead)