Robot-Einstein bringt sich selbst das Lächeln bei


Den Robot-Einstein hatte ich schonmal in den Links und der hat sich jetzt selbst per AI das Lächeln beigebracht. Und wie man überrascht schaut, wenn man plötzlich feststellt, dass die kosmologische Konstante die größte Eselei Einsteins Lebens ist.

A robot has taught itself to smile, frown, and make other human facial expressions using machine learning.

To get the incredibly realistic Einstein robot to make facial expressions, researchers used to have to program each of its 31 artificial muscles individually through trial and error. Now, computer scientists from the Machine Perception Laboratory at the University of California, San Diego have used machine learning to enable the robot to learn expressions on its own.

“The robotic approach is the ultimate in helping us understand learning and development,” said social development expert Daniel Messinger at the University of Miami, who was not involved with the Einstein research but collaborates with the group on another project. “There’s so much we can learn by actually trying to make it happen instead of just watching kids try to move their faces — it’s like having a baby as opposed to just watching a baby.”

Robot Teaches Itself to Smile (via Technabob)