Synaptic Cleft: Hip Hop-Guide to Neuroscience

(Scivee Direkt, via MeFi)

Hier der Neuroscience-Rap einer Biologie-Klasse. Ist zwar Hip Hop, aber „Gravel Pit“ von Wu-Tang Clan finde sogar ich super. Wenn nur mehr Hip Hop-Tracks soviel Hirn hätten. SCNR. Snip aus den Lyrics:

METHYL MAN: Ha! Enter into the land if the nerve, where firing of wiring will occur. Follow me. Neurons gotta be... ready to fire at any opportunity. Dendritic input make it hot. Sum it up in the axon hillock. The potential will rise to a constant size. The shape of action potentials ain’t no surprise. Let's snap back to the focus of the rap: A tiny little space a.k.a. synapse. Voltage sweeps to the end like a broom, Calcium rushes in - Vesicles go BOOM.

Exocytosis – so exciting. ACh (Acetylcholine) binds, light it up like lightning. Synapse fanatics gather round, questions about this story?

DOPE A. MEAN: “Do the transmitters always excite?"

METHYL MAN: Nah they can be inhibitory. Depending on, What they do to ions. If K+ rushes out, positive charge gone.

DOPE A. MEAN: “Only one synapse? What if there’s more?"

METHYL MAN: The hillock will sum it up, like I said before.