Die Story von Bill Watterson und Calvin & Hobbes

Im Oktober kommt ein Buch, das ich mir grade eben sofort bei Amazon vorbestellt habe. Darin macht sich Autor Nevin Martell auf die Suche nach Bill Watterson und seinen Einflüssen, der 1995 völlig überraschend Calvin und Hobbes einstellte und heute zurückgezogen in Utah lebt. Probekapitel gibt es gegen eine Mail an Nevin Martell (lookingforcalvinandhobbes@gmail.com).

For ten years, between 1985 and 1995, Calvin and Hobbes was one the world's most beloved comic strips. And then, on the last day of 1995, the strip ended. Its mercurial and reclusive creator, Bill Watterson, not only finished the strip but withdrew entirely from public life. There is no merchandising associated with Calvin and Hobbes: no movie franchise; no plush toys; no coffee mugs; no t-shirts (except a handful of illegal ones). There is only the strip itself, and the books in which it has been compiled - including The Complete Calvin and Hobbes: the heaviest book ever to hit the New York Times bestseller list.

In Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and His Revolutionary Comic Strip, writer Nevin Martell traces the life and career of the extraordinary, influential, and intensely private man behind Calvin and Hobbes. With input from a wide range of artists and writers (including Dave Barry, Harvey Pekar, Jonathan Lethem, and Brad Bird) as well as some of Watterson's closest friends and professional colleagues, this is as close as we're ever likely to get to one of America's most ingenious and intriguing figures - and a fascinating detective story, at the same time.

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