Candy Anatomy Art


Weeee! Das hier sind die (hoffentlich fiktiven) Überreste eines Selbstmordattentäters in Schokolade gegossen. Ist natürlich Kunst und das Werk heisst „On the road to heaven the highway to hell“. Stephen J Shanabrook macht praktisch nur solche Sachen, Zähne, andere Körperteile und Waterboarding (!) aus Schoki, aber auch Kunst aus Heroin oder ein Kanu aus Rippchen.

Stephen J Shanabrook is a New York and Moscow-based artist who uses food both as medium and metaphor. Using commonplace materials and forms generally seen as benign indulgences— sweets, chocolate, and cotton candy — he brings about disturbing new meanings, exploring the intersections of desire, violence, permanence, and death. (See his "Waterboarding" sculptures — chocolate-waterboarded choir boy Christmas statues — that we covered last week.)

In the 1990s, Shanabrook, who spent his youth working at a chocolate factory, went to morgues in Russia and the US and made molds from the fatal wounds of anonymous people, cast dark chocolate pieces, placing them into luxury chocolate boxes. The series of works, which Shanabrook described as "very close to the edge, the forbidden place for artists," are essentially representations of death or what one critic called "bonbons of mortality."

The Disquieting Food Art of Stephen J Shanabrook, Künstlerwebsite (via Notcot)