Indielabel-Guys steal Pizza from P2P-Software-Guys

Ich finde das hier aus irgendeinem komischen Grund superlustig: Die Leute vom New Yorker Indielabel Dovecote gehen Mittwochs immer in eine Pizzeria, die an diesem Tag gratis Pizzen raushauen. Als sie eines Mittwochs wieder mal hinkamen, trafen sie auf eine Gruppe Angestelter der bekannten P2P-Software Limewire. Und dann...

The staff of New Your City indie label Dovecote usually spends Wednasday's evenings hanging out at The Music Box, a usually quiet joint where the often often gives away free pizza to help bring in a crowd. On a recent Wednesday they walked in to find the place far busier than usual. When a friend told them the free pizza had arrived, Pal and Kosuke from the label went to grab a slice and....

Woman: “Who the FUCK are you? And why are you eating our pizza?”

[Long pause] Kosuke and Paul look confused.

Kosuke: "Are you joking? Is this a joke?"

Woman: "No this is definitely NOT a joke. I want to know who you are and why you’re eating our pizza."

Kosuke: "Well our friend came in and told us there was free pizza at the bar. We are. So. Sorry. It was a misunderstanding."

Woman: (with unbridled entitlement) "This is a company party our CEO is here and you STOLE our pizza. Are you from out of town? Because let me tell you, NOTHING is free in New York City. Nothing is free… well maybe except for the condoms in Times Square."

Paul and Kosuke continue apologizing. They offer to pay for the two slices.

Woman: (didactically snobbish) "We don’t want your money. No. Enjoy the pizza, but you can’t steal other people’s things. You can’t take what’s not yours."

Again the duo continues their apologies. Kosuke tries to turn the situation around and befriend them.

Kosuke: "What company do you guys work for?"

Woman: "We work for Limewire."

The Great LimeWire Pizza Robbery