Exploding Druglabs

Vice hat einen ziemlich spannenden Artikel über explodierende Drogenlabore und ein Interview mit einem deutschen Dealer namen – Achtung! – Horst, dem sein DMT-Labor unterm Arsch hochgegangen ist. Alleine das Intro zum Interview liest sich schon wie ein ziemlich halluzinogenes WTF:


It may seem like exploding meth labs are a recent phenomenon, but the exploding drug-manufacturing facility predates modern science. Chinese alchemists discovered gunpowder while searching for the elixir of immortality. Moonshine explosions have been a common diversion in rural life since the discovery of distillation. And when Albert Hofmann discovered psilocybin in magic mushrooms, he found that he could only synthesize the psychedelic using a highly explosive reagent. Each time he made a batch, he risked losing his laboratory in a giant flaming mushroom cloud.

Should the meth cook blow up in his trailer and burn on a pyre of paint thinner and nasal decongestants, is he any different than a Buddhist monk self-immolating for religious freedom? The meth lab is a phoenix. From its ashes rise new trailers with crystal plumages of radiant truth. In a more enlightened age there will be great monuments to the meth men and women who gave their lives to free your dopamine from the shackles of American drug laws.

KA-POOF! What Happens When Drug Labs Explode?