Zombie Survival Kit Jewelry

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Im Etsy-Shop von Mathmatiks gibt's Items aus einem Zombie Survival Kit aus Gold und Silber, das da oben ist „Gasmask #3 Pendent from the Zombie Survival Kit Collection inside a custom made wooden box. Also has rotating side filter and paisley engravings.Comes with chain.“ (Auch toll: Der Turntable-Ring aus 18-Karat-Gold mit Diamanten bestückt, kostet nur 20.000$.)

Mathmatiks Etsy Store (via Notcot)

Somehow related Zombie-News:

The Zombie Short Film Festival is the brain-child of Jim Taylor and Cory Laffin, two dudes who live in Toronto. We are hoping to hold it at the Revue Cinema, on Roncesvalles Avenue, in Toronto. Our target date is Friday, October 30th.

But there can't be a festival without submissions! And that's where, we hope, you will come in.

If you are a filmmaker, an aspiring filmmaker, or a friend or loved one to a filmmaker, please tell them about our festival! We are accepting any and all submissions at this point, from any place.

The criteria is as follows:

1) It must be a short film with a maximum running time of 20 minutes.

2) It must involve zombies.

Zombie Shortfilm Festival (via BoingBoing)

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