Marvel Zombies Return

Den dritten Band der Marvel Zombies hatte ich mir gekauft, aber nicht gelesen. Den vierten habe ich mir gar nicht mehr zugelegt, mit dem Marvel Ultimate Universe kann ich gar nicht und für mich lag der Reiz der Marvel Zombies immer darin, die klassischen Helden zu veruntoten. Ein Hulk, der ein Bein verschluckt und dann zu Bruce Banner wird, wobei ihm das Bein selbstverständlich den Magen zerreisst. Yeah, that's me.

Deshalb finde ich es schön, dass die klassischen Marvel Zombies zurückkehren in „Marvel Zombies Return“. Und noch schöner finde ich es, dass auch Seth Grahame-Smith (der mit Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) daran mitschreibt. Dann wird das vielleicht doch nochmal was mit mir und den Marvel Zombies.

Rosemann says, “A couple months ago a few of us in the office were talking about Marvel Zombies and about where we could take the story next. Our head of Sales David Gabriel brought up the fact that we hadn’t seen the most famous zombies – such as Spider-Man and Wolverine and Colonel America – since the end of Marvel Zombies 2. That led me to a conversation with fright master Fred Van Lente, who quickly dreamed up the creepy question of: Just where did those flesh-eaters disappear to after they were teleported into oblivion?

“We then had our main story idea – and our format (one issue for each week of September) -- but not our creators. Fred, who has taken the Marvel Zombies saga to horrific new heights, is quite the in-demand scribe, and could only commit to writing the beginning and ending of this latest chapter (as well as lending an evil eye to oversee the middle chapters). As a major zombie fan who has been enjoying the recent resurgence of zombie fiction, I thought it would be fun to invite some of today’s top zombie novelists to try their hand at our crazy comics. A couple weeks of scouring my local book store and the ever-helpful internet led me to the darkened doorways of David Wellington (Monster Island), Jonathan Maberry (Patient Zero) and Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).

The Zombies - This Time, With Literate Roots (via io9)

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