iPod Mini aus Holz

22.06.2009 Misc #DIY #iPod #Wood

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Das ist der umgebaute Holz-iPod von Josh aus Australien, zusammengebaut aus den Innereien eines alten Mini, einem Gehäuse aus verschraubtem Holz und einem milimeterdicken Clickweel, alles inklusive Dock. Und ich liebe es!

My finished wood ipod mini. This has been such a fun project for me. It's handmade (with special thanks to my 8yr old dremel) from Australian red cedar, Camphor Laurel for the clickwheel, brass plates, brass screws and the guts from the first ipod i ever had.

I was given a new ipod mini for christmas and I just couldn't leave my trusty old mini to sit unused somewhere. So I decided to finally try a wooden shell mod on him that I had wanted to do for a long time.

Wooden ipod mini (via Designboom)